Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You'll Miss It

I sat in on a Conscious Fathering class today, a class that I'm preparing to teach. It was really interesting, with some great information about the first few months of being a father. The one thing I wanted to say to the dads was that they will miss that early time.

You don't think about it, and you might think you'll be glad it is done. But I miss the baby smell, and the tiny little person. I'm glad they don't stay that way. Children grow up, they move away. (Sometimes, as Woody Allen reminds us, to ridiculous places like Cincinnati, or Boise, Idaho.) I'm glad my kids are growing. But enjoy that baby time, dads.


Anonymous said...

that's a super cute photo of viri!

jeff said...

uhhhh... is viri now chairman of the board?