Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mariners Take Another Series...Without Me

I watched 12 innings of a fantastic 15 inning baseball game tonight. I had to rush home, due to tired children and baths and dishes and such. I didn't mind, really. I'm happy the Mariners won. It would have been fun to actually see the winning run score, but 12 innings of baseball free of child wrangling, with a good friend, under a lovely spring sky in Seattle is pretty fine, regardless.

Safeco Field is the perfect place to spend a spring day. It's an amazing ballpark, with great sight lines, good crowds. Today was in the 60s and sunny, the stadium was mostly filled. It was an awesome day to be at the ballpark. Even the preponderance of silly things like the wave, and CGI boat races can't ruin an experience at Safeco. I seriously hate these things. I understand the kids get a kick out of them, and that's fine. But I am a purist. Give me a nice big screen for replays and lists of stats, and leave the rest of the stuff out of it. I like the opening of the game, the national anthem (even if we do have a stupid anthem) and the first pitch. I like the seventh inning stretch, if only because my knees are killing me after a few hours. I'll tolerate "Take Me Out To The Ball Game," even if it's a little silly. Can we all just agree, though, to mostly leave the day for baseball? CGI boat races on the big screen, extended editions of "God Bless America," these are not why most of us came to the park. The wave, especially after hours of sitting, is definitely not why I came to the ballpark.

Today's game was why most of us came to the park. A game-tying home run by Kenji Johjima in the ninth, bunt singles. Ichiro tying the game again in the 13th. Jose Lopez getting another walk off hit. That is the way the game is played, gentlemen. Good job. As Viri might say, you are all, each of you, very useful engines. Now let us go forth, and in our own ways be very useful engines unto the world.

Okay he wouldn't say 'unto.' But he would say that was a fine, fine ballgame. I'll be taking myself out to another one soon.

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cathyjoel said...

Wowsers, can't believe we made it home to watch/listen to the end of the game and they won! Unlike the Mariners of last season, they just can't find a way to lose... not such a bad problem I suppose. I've been to two games this season and they were two of the best I've ever seen.