Sunday, May 24, 2009

Carkeek And Arkaedi Lessons In The Mellowness

I spent a very pleasant day at Carkeek park today. I'm getting to be a regular there. It's an amazing place, and I highly recommend it. It's quickly becoming my favorite Seattle spot. Well, my favorite non-food Seattle spot. The favorites would be Mighty-O and Wayward, followed by a lot of parks. I would be a liar if I said my absolute top spot in Seattle didn't include coffee.

The summertime reminds me of the fun of Seattle, as well as the craziness. The park was packed tonight, and people were crazy. It gets a little sunny here and people start driving like maniacs and shouting. It's like they are suddenly in a film about LA. Relax, my friends. We are still mellow Seattlites, lost in our own thoughts. Perhaps we should mellow? Here, check out a mellow Arkaedi Sue:

See? She knows how to do it.

Speaking of Arkaedi Sue, she is into full toddler mode. It's really fun. She is racing with Viri, and throwing rocks into puddles. Viri is only a few months away from having a real playmate who can keep up with him. Which is making my job a ton easier. Even with Viri starting the exploration of his big kid boundaries, things have been easier lately. Maybe it's just the nice weather. Either way, I'll take it.

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