Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hierarchy Of The Barker Clan

I'm at the bottom of the chain of command of our family. I realized this the moment Viri was born. I thought, possibly, that I could move up to second to last when the next kid came, but that was obviously ridiculous. I'm still at the bottom. It currently goes like this:

Dr. Jaime, Commander-in-Chief. The undisputed leader.

Viri, Generalissimo. In his words, he is Commander of Earth (where my house lives) and West Virginia, Seattle, and California (which is fun-fun.)

Arkaedi Sue. Pretty Princess and Head of State. All power really rests with J, and Pretty is the figurehead. But she pouts if you tell her that. And shouts for General Bubba, aka Viri.

Ryan. Assistant Janitor Trainee (Probationary)

I don't foresee any changes to the command structure in my lifetime. Actually, I'd better hold off having kids, because I can only go down. At least now I am fourth, which sounds better than last. If it were the Presidential order of succession, I'd be Secretary of State Hillary Clinton!

(And speaking of that: WV Senator Byrd is third in line now. Wow. I really don't think I'd trust any of us WVians as President. But, hey, good for Byrd. He must be 137 years old.)

This has been an insane week for our family though. Busy, and rushed. We are all anxious for Jaime to be graduated. It's under a month away! I will heave a huge sigh of relief. Then get on to my next chapter of Waiting for Jaime.

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