Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mister Buff And The Legion Of Doom

I'm exercising. That's it. I have no qualifying term. I can't say "a lot," or "for the first time." I've often exercised a little, now I am continuing to exercise a little, only on a slightly quicker schedule. I'm having fun with it, though, and that is new. For the first time since I played baseball as a teenager, I like exercising. There are a few reasons for this, the most important being that I am doing it on my schedule, with my goals in mind. The gym people stare at me scornfully, but I enjoy forty-five minute workouts. I like my little routine. I think it's having good effects, too. I feel better, I look better. I'm still around my new normal weight of 185, which is okay. I kinda sorta have a goal of getting down to 175, but I'm in no hurry. I've always been a fairly solid guy, and with some weight training, I'm gaining a little muscle. So, as long as my weight isn't hanging in rolls over my belt, I'm not watching the scales.

Exercise is a weird thing. There is an all or nothing mentality in this country, and exercise really stirs people up, for some reason. I don't really get that. It's just something to do to keep in shape, when you don't have a ton of physical activity in your life. Or, like me, when you want to eat a Mighty-O donut a few times a week.

So, I'm working on staying healthy. Or at least in better shape. I like that I can run now, and that my aches are fewer. And that when I have aches, they sometimes come from actual physical work, and not just years of laziness. The years of laziness are behind me. Ahead of me: less laziness, more donuts, and playing baseball with my kids without wheezing.

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