Saturday, May 9, 2009

I, Uh... Don't Know Them

The recent Star Trek movie has reminded me of a list I started compiling a few months ago. The list is made up of things which I technically am, or am involved in, and yet do not want to associate with other members of. Star Trek fans is on the list. I am a fan of the shows, and the movies. I like the universe. But I do not associate with Star Trek fans, or acknowledge them in any way.

Obviously this is not one hundred percent. I don't shun people who are fans of the show. I just make an extra effort to avoid the crowd. There is an ever growing list of these things, and it concerns me a bit. It says something about either me, or the members of these groups. Remember, I consider myself a member of these groups, at least technically. The list, off the top of my head and in order of most avoided, is this.

1. Straight edge kids. You get a pass if I've known you for more than ten years. Otherwise, I see a sXe patch, I'm running.

2. Vegans. Again, I am vegan. I like being vegan. But unless I have known you since college, if you are vegan I probably don't want much to do with you. If veganism is central to your identity, I am more concerned.

3. Politically active, especially anarchist. I know, I am condemned to sit in a sensitivity workshop, and come to a consensus about my lack of engagement and "lifestylism" that has led me to sell out. But I won't. In fact, I will hide from you. If you drag me to a sit in against my will, I will be forced to explain that the members of the anarchist community are the greatest reason anarchism is impractical. I still love the idea; but you people ruin it.

There are actually a few more, some more obscure than others. But people who write long blogs could be on this list easily, and I'm trying to prevent becoming a member of that crowd.

PS. Miffy is a sweet little bunny.


Herc said...

For me, it's sort of the opposite. Especially with anarchists, etc. Whenever I go into a political bookstore or am around a group of anarchists/activists, I really don't fit in, even though we hold the same core beliefs.

This is 100% because I don't wear the anarchist uniform. You'd think that anarchism wouldn't have a uniform and that anarchists simply wouldn't care about things like dressing the same as every other anarchist, but they do.

It's pathetic and shallow. You're right, the reason anarchism can't work is because of anarchists. The philosophy is great, the adherents are mostly close-minded, judgmental sheep.

jeff said...

its funny because koa and i were just having this conversation. and he contends that all of this is primarily a problem in the american anarchist / punk world, and is absent (generally speaking) in the european, south american, etc. scenes. given what little i know, and the fact that he lived in europe for a while, i would guess he's right. i'm temped to move over seas and find out.

but, herc, you shouldn't call these fuckers sheep; its insulting to such a noble species.... "you don't see them fucking each other over for a fucking percentage."

Herc said...

Dude, seriously. Sheep are bastards. Don't let their fluzzy little fuzzy butts and happy little feet fool you for even a second. They'll cut you, man. They'll cut you.