Saturday, January 10, 2009

Yes, I Am In Fact Ready For Some Football. Thank You.

Today was a day off, which meant donuts at Mighty-O, errands, and a fun game of football at Herc and Sarah's house. We watched it on a digital channel, on a giant TV, which got me wishing for a giant TV for the first time. And got Jaime saying no, not for the last time.

Viri is starting to enjoy football, which is fun. Dangerous. But fun.

My days are usually so packed that the day off has become extremely valuable. I enjoy my time now, and I enjoy spending it with friends. Having Herc and Sarah here has greatly increased my fun in free times, since they like to do a lot of the same things. Namely joking around and eating vegan treats. This can be accompanied by a football game, a bad movie, or a classic movie that I love and have never seen on the big screen.

I won't go on again about how much I love living in a city. But I will a little. The chance to use my rare free time to go to a theater and see a movie like Rashomon is amazing.

As much as I love West-By-God, I can't imagine changing into a constricting small town at this point in my life. I sing the lyrics to "Green Rolling Hills" to myself often, and I was thinking about the lyrics to that song, and others I love about West Virginia. They all tell you you have to leave! Then you come back when you're old, to die. I can really understand that; WV will always be my home, in a way that Seattle is not. But my life is lived here, the kids can go to good schools here, I can have a great time here. Then, I retire, sell my business, move back to WV and buy a giant piece of land.

Jaime argues against even that, she wants to move to Hawaii. As I get old and the cold sinks into my bones, maybe I'll agree. Jaime wasn't born in WV, though, so she doesn't have that odd sentimental attachment that I do. Hell my kids weren't born there. But I like the idea of going back, spending my last few years looking at the hills, and reflecting on my life from my home.

Until then, I will enjoy where I am. There is plenty of joking and vegan treats left for me, organic food to gorge myself on during playoffs, the Mariner's new season they haven't blown yet... and by next fall, after the baseball season and the World Series, I imagine that Herc and I will be more than ready for a little football, thank you kindly.


Herc said...

Man, I was SO ready for some football. I didn't think I'd be so ready, but wow... I was VERY ready for some football.

I wish you could be ready for some football today. The Pittsburgh game could be a bit of fun.

WildBeggar said...

Wow Pittsburgh really came to this game ready for some football. I heard the punt return to the five on the radio. Awesome

Herc said...

They wanted to play EVERY position today! Even Ben punted the ball for some weird reason. It was a fun, fun game.

Next week. Ravens. My place.
And if Pittsburgh pulls it off, I'll get a root beer mini keg for the super bowl!

goodstorysarah said...

you can have that mini keg of eric's for the game. i come prepared with my own special kind of keg.