Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dancin' Party

It is always interesting to me how I love working with children, but have no patience for various children's activities. This isn't a weakness in my field: on the contrary, kids see that about me and love it. Listening to Raffi uncritically gets blank stares from children. Telling children you are quite certain Raffi is high as a kite gets appreciative, knowing nods. Kids get this stuff better than we think.

I love having little dance parties with the kids. I complain about the music, and they laugh at me. They love it. Direct Source, some bizarre and probably evil music company, puts out a lot of music marketed to kids about dancing and fun. Mostly they are creepy songs, with strange lyrics that are either not meant to be comprehended or are missives from Hell's black heart. I hope the former. (They also publish Conway Twitty. Obviously the latter.)

Viri doesn't usually get into these, but occasionally he'll break out some choice moves. When the ladies are present and not biting on his typical "I'm a shark monster you're a giant turtle" line. You know, the real ice queens.

One song on the cd "Best of Dancin' Party" has a line, and I hope desperately that I'm wrong here, saying "That's what I call ballin' the jag." Either I am hearing it way wrong, or this isn't meant for a kid's cd. I mean Conway, maybe. But not children! I don't understand who puts together these compilations, or really why. I can't imagine there is any benevolence in a company called Direct Source, but who am I to judge.

Oh, wait, I'm the guy who spends his days surrounded by the stuff. I'm exactly the guy to judge. And I do!

On a side note, this is a goofy and light post because today I made a huge mistake and screwed up Jaime's residency application. I opened a sealed envelope that was meant for the school, and now a new one has to be ordered, and there may not be time before the deadline. So I feel like the load of loads, and don't want to keep beating myself up over it. J is being very sweet, but the fact is it was a stupid mistake and shouldn't have happened. Sometimes I don't really pay attention, it's a major fault of mine. I live in my head, and today I saw how that can screw up real things, like our plans for the next year, with one careless moment. So, lesson heard. I hope I can really learn it. My goal from this is to break that habit, and really think things through before stumbling around town like an idiot man-child. I'm going to make more mistakes, of course, but I'll be damned if I'll make them so easily now. The loading stops here!

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barker blog said...

I have a new line for the single scene."im a shark monster your a giant turtle".I swear i'm gonna use it,while singing the bos,thats boss with one s conway.I know them all.buh,buh buuhhhhhhhhhh.....