Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fake Miniature Fun!

I discovered recently that there is a website that allows you to make a photo appear to be a model. It's called tilt-shift, though purists argue that the miniature effect making isn't really tilt shift. I don't know the photography nuance but boy, is it fun.

Here are some photos that I took, in Japan and in Hawaii. I could be crushed by Gamera at any second! The effect isn't so great with these photos, since they were taken from ground level and don't include a huge sweep. It works best with a huge crowd, from above. Still, a fun little feature. I can't wait to get some nice panoramic shots of Seattle and try this out.

Running around the web during nap time leads to goofy discoveries like this. There is a good reason I am naturally inclined to live in a hut without electricity: this is what I do with it when I have it.

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Anonymous said...

I love this stuff. Have done a few myself and they look fairly nice.

But check this out...