Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Danger: Coffee Here

One of the fun yet bad habits I have picked up living in Seattle is coffee. Not the strange suburban "triple hazelnut mint julep banana nut surprise" kind of coffee drinking, but the slightly better, though arguably still irritating, "trying different blends and debating single origin savoring the shot" kind of coffee drinking.

I was given an espresso machine, so life is wonderful. It is, however, a dangerous invention for me. If I were the kind of person who could take coffee in moderation, it would be fine. I tend to overdo, however. Not the ten cup a day kind of thing, thankfully for those around me. But I will have three or four shots, a bit more than I should really intake in a normal day. Especially considering that my normal energy level is a bit higher than average. It helps when dealing with kids, but it makes normal adults around me want to tie me to a bench outside of the donut shop while they have a quiet drink inside.

As I have said in the past, though, it's worth it. Hot beverages make the world a nicer place, if only for a few minutes. Have found some great new places to try, and until Jaime literally tries to restrain me, I'll keep enjoying delicious warm beverages.

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