Sunday, January 4, 2009

Real World, Working People

We have more snow in Seattle, which means work will be an issue tomorrow. I have to navigate scary roads and scarier drivers to get to the daycare, which is high on a hill in a northern suburb.

(If I write a fantasy novel about work, that's how it'll start: High on a hill, in a northern suburb, Castle Daycare loomed.)

We had meetings and interviews at work today, which was frustrating but had some fun moments. We hired a few new people who I hope will work out well. It reminds me again though how much I want to be in charge of my own business. The committee system for running a daycare is not functional for me. Philosophically I like it, but practically I just need to run it in a way that meshes with my thinking.

I spent the evening watching snow fall and watching a MST3K treatment of Gamera Vs. Guiron, which was great fun. Taviri was really into it. He wasn't sure why the giant turtle was flying, but he liked that it was nice.

I'm hoping to organize a more regular schedule for these blogs. It started as a personal diary, a random collection of things I found interesting or relevant. And that's mostly how it'll stay. But some things are going to have a regular appearance, such as the Sufi poetry post. As the quarter evolves and I discover how insane our schedule is, this will become more clear. As it evolves and people ask questions and express interests I may change how I'm doing. According to my google statistics, the only hit from search engines I've gotten is in response to the query "straight edge merman." So, I won't listen too carefully to the voices of the internet. That way, madness lies.


Herc said...

High on a hill, in a northern suburb, lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo!

Gamera Vs. Guiron was great. I may just watch that one today.

I'm kind of bored.

xmiyux said...

As far as i am concerned - if you got a hit from "straight edge merman" then you are totally winning the internet already.