Saturday, January 3, 2009

Apps, Dinner, and Mental Illness

We had a great time tonight at a friend's house, eating dinner and watching our children run wild. Which they'll do. It was awesome, though, and it reminded me how much I need to take time to socialize more.

I learned about a fun new band, found silly and entertaining new uses for my itouch, and ate some great food.

So, all is well. Until I have to go back into the real world tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

No no no! You must tell us the name of the band!

WildBeggar said...

Oh yeah! Split lip rayfield, punky bluegrass. Fun!

Anonymous said...

split lip? they were great!


i'll look up split lip rayfield. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Not bad at all. they're playing here on Feb 24. Something to keep in mind.