Sunday, February 15, 2009

Viri Writes the Greatest Song Ever

All music can now cease. There is no need to ever write another verse, because Viri has now perfected the art of songwriting. While in the back of the car, driving around, he started singing a song about Thomas the Tank Engine. He doesn't remember any words, so he just makes stuff up. Today he sang:
Thomas the tank engine...Hippies are bad, hippies are not nice...Thomas the tank engine..

Thank you, and good night. Music is now done.


Anonymous said...

i'm soo happy music has ended with this song! it basically sums up everything we need to know about life.

viri should dress up as a hippie for halloween...since they're monster's baby and all you know?

jeff said...

a masterpiece, its true. sarah covered my comments, but i needed to add my joy at the end of music, as well as my total support of the intent / feeling / passion behind the words. as obscure as they may seem in their juxtapositions, it truly gets to the heart of hippies, their meaning and purpose; their being.

i salute you, sir viri, on your incredible achievement.

WildBeggar said...

today had an update: thomas the tank engine, hippies are bad, gamera and thomas are friends. i'm not sure how that all fits in... but it's fun

jeff said...

i think viri is my hero. if i had even a shred of doubt before that it is his destiny to help save the world... that doubt is now done. forever.

Anonymous said...

So thomas the tank engine is in the Gamera-verse? I was so sure that Thomas was in the Godzilla-verse! This changes EVERYTHING!