Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Sunday at Carkeek Park

We had an amazing day today, including a fun finale at the Super Bowl Party with dirty diapers. No one pooped on Herc and Sarah's floor, so it was a moral victory. Earlier in the day we traveled down to one of my favorite places in Seattle, Carkeek Park.

I have actually had arguments with people in Seattle about the value of the beach in winter. Amazingly, some people save the beach for a sunny July day, and skip it most of the year. I am astounded by this, for multiple reasons. First, the beach is fun. This week I've seen seals, watched the sea birds dive, and gotten spectacular views. I don't need a warm day. And second, we get so few warm days, you're missing out on the natural beauty of the area during a huge chunk of the year. I never get those people who don't take advantage of opportunities to do things when they can. I want to see and do everything I can, and I race around trying to see and do it before I miss it. Who knows what will happen in the months and years to come? If I have a few hours, my family and I are going to be outside having fun.
Today was a bit chilly, which me and Arkaedi loved. Viri and Mama had limited patience for the wind off the water. The trains cheered him up a good bit though. So, all in all a successful day. Parks, football, food and friends. (What's a synonym for parks that begins with and F sound, to make that sound better? I'm going to make one up. Photosynthesisplace.) It's odd that it often seems so chilly here, when it isn't that cold. It was in the 30s, even low 40s today. It definitely felt colder than that. Viri: "The cars are cold."

Days like this remind me once again that so many things in life are what you make of it. Sure, bad breaks and good breaks come and go, but the set up and preparation is so important. I'm a person who needs beautiful things around me, nature and friends and family. There don't have to be seals, but seals are nice too. I structure my life in order to have these things, and therefore I'm mostly a pretty happy guy, even though I'm broke and balding. (Really balding. Troy Polamalu could make 4,364 heads of Ryan hair from his.) We're really up in the air about what to do next with out lives, where to live and how to make enough to pay bills. But today showed me what I will need, wherever I end up. Friends, football, photosynthesisplace, and food.


barker blog said...

shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax--cabbages--and kings--star trek-and children--standing by the it just dosent get any better!!!

xmiyux said...

Very nice post!

Well i certainly know a place where you could have nature, friends, and outdoor activities.... ;)