Thursday, February 12, 2009

Discovery Park and Crazy Children

Herc, Sarah, the kids and I all braved the twisty turny way up to Discovery Park today for a little walk around. It's a massive park, over 500 acres, and it takes energy and time to really explore it. I didn't feel like we got very far today, with sleepy children and limited time, but it was still a nice walk and chat. Which has become the point of my Thursday park outings: to get a little exercise in the cold and chat a bit with my friends.

Arkaedi had us all up last night, so Viri was extra sleepy and extra strange. He was bordering on dazed, actually, and made me carry him periodically around the park. Arkaedi was sleepy and temperamental too, so I spent a few minutes carrying both of my kids. That's over fifty pounds of fuss. Not a task for the weak willed Papa. Or the Papa without biceps.

The kids both fell asleep the moment we left the park, and had a good nap. When Viri woke up, I discovered a fun fact about my boy: His Santa Claus is Gamera. I've mentioned before that he loves Gamera. Today, he was bothering his sister, and on a whim I told him to be good, because Gamera helps good boys and girls, not bad boys. He immediately stopped, and profusely apologized. "I'm nice! I'm nice!"

I don't know how to break it to him that Gamera doesn't bring him presents. At least the talk about the reality of Gamera will be easier. I can just show him the rubber suits.

It was a really perfect day today. We've had some great weather recently, especially on Thursdays. It makes me excited for the warmer weather. I'm hoping for a good spring and summer, since I have a lot of traveling and backpacking I want to do. Actually, between baseball season, the new MLS team, warm days and travel... I am looking forward to the spring more than I would have imagined. I hope we get days like we had today. It'll be a wonderful spring.

More pics here. The last of my winter photos, February or not, I'm starting a spring album.


Anonymous said...

The Gamera & Viri thing is pretty much the coolest story I've heard ever.

Anonymous said...

we made up a song about taviri based on the gamera song...

viiiiri is really neat!
he is made of pasta meat!



WildBeggar said...

awesome! now i have to teach arkaedi to sing it...