Monday, February 16, 2009

I Challenge Spring To Arrive!

Of the strange and nerdy things I enjoy, weather is probably the one I least like to talk about. I'll go on about MST3K or Star Trek, and motorcycles can last me a weekend. But weather? It's an old man hobby. And, I'm ready to be an old man, I guess. I do have three weather apps for my itouch, which is three more than any man under seventy should have. There is nothing to be done about it, I'm a strange guy.

Seattle gives you plenty of opportunities to have fun with weather. It's a crazy town. Today it is almost fifty, but the wind chill brings it down to under forty. So it seems nice, until you get out in the wind. The best way to enjoy today is inside, with a big window. Contrary to the stereotype, it's often sunny here. It just comes in the form of sun breaks, and it often comes in the afternoon. The fog burns off, and the evening clouds haven't rolled in yet. You need to plan for the sun in Seattle. And when it does come out, the people come out. It's like some religious event, everyone smiles and prays to the sun. Like the Mayans, with less human sacrifice. (Some, of course. A sensible amount.) The seasonal events definitely get a good turnout. Early spring will bring the cherry blossoms, which always gets the Northwesterners out in droves.

I'm really excited about the spring. I have a billion little day trips planned, to the mountains and the sea. I really learned to appreciate where I live when I started going to the ocean and mountains more often. The springtime is perfect, too, with nicer weather but a pleasant chill in the air. You still get fog, which I love. I'm hoping to get some good trips to the North Cascades National Park. It should be pretty accessible in April, though I don't know if I'll make it during the spring break. At the end of March here in Washington it's still pretty cold; I'll have to wait for the early summer.

Viri is getting old enough to hike and camp with me. The spring should give us some opportunities to day hike around the Cascades. I can practice boring him with geology and weather! I'm well on my way to being the perfect fifties father. I just need to wear a sweater all of the time and smoke a pipe.


sitproperly108 said...

That you have three weather apps for your iTouch automatically disqualifies you from being an old man.

If you, for example, would plot hurricanes on a map using coordinates you got from a weather radio, then yes, you could be considered an old man.

Same with earthquakes.

I've done the hurricane thing before - but not from a weather radio. But I do enjoy weather radios, so it's only a matter of time. :)

Let's start memorizing cloud names!

WildBeggar said...

i now have five weather apps. dangerous territory...