Saturday, February 7, 2009

Walk On, Arkaedi Sue

It also syncs up nicely to Monster X's "Take a Walk." But that's a little much for a little girl. These are not quite the first steps, but third or fourth steps, definitely.

If this looks good and works, expect a bunch more video posts in the future. I'm really excited to start putting these up, and in Elvis songs alone I have an entire documentary genre in my head. (That would be "Crazy Children and Elvis" for the film historians out there. Like Ken Burns' but with more wiggling and less still shots of Stonewall Jackson)


barker blog said...

THATS ALL RIGHT MAMMA!!!!!beautiful,just beautiful.........

xmiyux said...

Excellent! Very cute and nice to see she rocks the pants under the dress style that our Wild Flower prefers. Next up, we will get her riding horses. ;)

When you do videos like this though, you must say the artist and song title. I kind of dug the music and now need to know who it is.

WildBeggar said...

It's The Weary Boys, "walkin boss"
Great song. I meant to say that in the post. Got distracted. :)