Monday, February 16, 2009

A Sign That I'm In Spring Mode

This is what I spend my time online doing. I'm really ready for spring when I can only think of motorcycling and backpacking.

I won't bore everyone with all of my spring related shenanigans today, but it included finding motorcycle courses to get my certification renewed, planning a weekend trip to the North Cascades, figuring out motorcycle rentals, and checking out backpacking gear.

If spring doesn't come soon I'm going to cry like a baby. Which, take it from me, is frequent and loud.


gooodstorysarah said...

i just left you a comment and blogger told me it didn't post.

i said...

i didn't know google had a backpacking map thinger!

did you schedule a motorcycle safety course yet? i still haven't heard back from that person about my possible trip to PA in april...grr

WildBeggar said...

i havent booked it yet. i still need to defeat jaime in armed combat. is actually really cool. the map toys alone allow hours of wasted time.