Saturday, February 14, 2009

Vehicles Are More Than Baby Beds

I wrote before that I never got into cars. I always felt like they were for rednecks, so I didn't develop my interest. Once I sat down and started thinking about it, I wondered how I could find a vehicle that worked for me, and served a purpose not limited to allowing babies to nap while I sat in the front and waited for Jaime. This would still be the primary purpose, of course. Waiting for Jaime is my ultimate purpose, there is no doubt of that. I just wanted a car or truck that would also be fun for me, maybe allow me to indulge my tinkering urge.

I like a lot of the old cars, but I think I want a mid to late sixties truck. I like the Chevy and the Ford models of that era, they seem utilitarian and truck-like while still being comfortable, and theoretically allowing children to ride inside without the cops pulling me over as soon as the wheels turn. Despite my arguments, Jaime isn't buying the "carseat in a sidecar" idea that I have for a motorcycle. So, a truck it is.

I can't decide among the different models, and I suppose I need to learn more about them before I can really differentiate. Or maybe it'll just be a matter of taste. I saw a 68 Chevy for sale on the street, in really nice condition, and I had a flutter in my chest. It was love at first sight. Certainly, I had eaten a few donuts, thrown back a large coffee, so I wasn't in the best frame of mind. But I choose to think that the sugar and caffeine merely opened up my heart, lowered my puritanical inhibitions against full-sized pickups, and didn't unduly cloud my judgement. It really was love.

Now, I'm torn as to which direction to go. Do I get a nice one, enjoy it, build up my love, let it grow? Or do I go out on a limb, get a beater, and lovingly fix it up and restore it to its full potential? (Because, unlike people, you can change your truck into the truck of your dreams.)

My lack of money and time will dictate the answer to this, of course. And Jaime will tell me exactly what that lack of time and money means, with hard numbers. The dream of a nice truck, custom painted, will live with my dream of a Harley Rocker-C, perhaps in the future, perhaps just out of reach. But a fun dream, nonetheless.

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