Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tonight On Skeptical Baby: The Baseball Game

So, the big lesson for the day is 'one year old girls and baseball are oil and water.' Write that down, it will help you greatly.

We had a rough time at the Mariner's game today. Viri was a little fussy, but not bad. Arkaedi Sue was a demon. Not a demon on wheels, thankfully, but a toddling demon in a green dress. As we were leaving, Jaime said, "Papa is going to the game with his friends next time. We'll try again next year."

I'll probably take Viri to my May game, though. He's pretty good at these things, without a grabbing and screaming girl trying to jump onto the field. I warned her, but she's beginning the long tradition of ignoring Papa until she needs money or food. Until next season, baseball is for Papa and his friends, and possibly for a good Viri, just because he looks so great at the park.

We still faired better than the Ms, who lost 8-2 to the Tigers. They're still leading the AL West, so no worries.

Arkaedi Sue is a funny kid, because she's so easy in some ways, but she does not sit still. Viri is pretty laid back. He plays, he needs a lot of attention, but he can be quiet and calm. At her age, he would sit through an entire game without a problem. Arkaedi runs and screams and tries to leap to her death fifty times an inning; but if we stay home for an entire day she just runs laps around the couch and laughs and sings. It's strange. I'm glad my kids are different, of course. I love their distinctiveness. I wasn't aware it was possible to have a matter and an anti-matter version of siblings, however. Live and learn.

The funniest aspect of it is her skepticism. She often gets this look, a "I'm not doing that" look that we have termed skeptical baby. She's destined to be the serious and athletic FBI agent partner to her sensitive and thoughtful brother, I suppose.

Hey I should pitch that as a series. "Arkaedi and Taviri, they're cops. She's the olympian with a no nonsense attitude who shoots first and asks questions never! He's the Harvard PhD who has a heart of gold! See them Thursdays on FX in 'Red and the Doctor!'"

Or maybe, "Two Barkers With Bite!"

Those are terrible names. Now you see why I don't regularly pitch TV shows to networks.


Corinne said...

I sympathize her desire to leap to her death. I can't stand baseball much either and will laugh and play at home, but when taken out for 9 innings become a bit demonic.

WildBeggar said...

She didn't even make it one inning.
Actually she can't really leave the house at all. She is only good at home...I'm going to build her a pen.