Saturday, April 11, 2009

Captain Train and the Falls

We had a dual purpose trip this week. We needed to kill time in the foothills east of Seattle while J was on shift at a senior's center and occupy the children. Thanks to the help of Herc and Sarah, we did it! And how, you ask reasonably, did we do it? Waterfalls and trains is the answer! These pictures come courtesy of Herc and Sarah themselves. I didn't think to bring my camera, which is odd for me.

(I hate that bumper sticker that says war is not the answer. I don't like war, but if the question is "What do you call it when two countries send soldiers to attack each other?" then war is the answer. Just say you hate war.)

I had never been to Snoqualmie Falls before this week. It's strange, considering I lived on eastside for a bit, but I haven't been to most places east of Seattle. It's a shame too, because the place is really neat. I loved the little towns around it. J says I can't live anywhere further than ten blocks from a restaurant and coffee shop, but that isn't exactly true. It can be up to a ten minute drive to either, and I can maybe tolerate it. Possibly. I would cry silently at the trees sometimes. Okay, I am a city person, but I can see myself having a nice life in a small town. I'd need to drive into the city on the weekend on eat Thai food and read the NY Times, but I could do it. For a lovely place with trains and falls, I could try.

The train museum was really interesting. I had tired and fussy kids, so I had to leave a little early. I definitely want to go back and let Viri ride the trains. He'd be insanely happy. Arkaedi Sue seemed pretty excited too, since she is getting at the age where she wants to be involved. I'm having a hard time remembering that she is not a baby. I'll be having that problem until I die, I imagine.

J swears this is where we're living in a few years, so I am preparing myself. I get nervous in the country. I remember, in WV, always feeling a little nervous about the people around me. I would think to myself, "Why is that man in the John Deere hat just standing there? What is he doing? Where is he going?" I was pretty nervous for a large chunk of my youth. Then, I get to the city, and it goes away. I have no idea what people are doing around me, and I don't care. They're just city people, doing city things. They could be selling crack or planning a murder spree, but they don't make me nervous. The country, with the open spaces, the distance between people... something about it gets to me.

I'm going to need to work on it. J says our next house will have a creek running through it. I'm going to ask the condo developers downtown if they have a creek, but I doubt it. Maybe she'll settle for a rooftop garden?

I doubt it.

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