Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Music Bloom

The spring has actually arrived here in Seattle. It's wonderful. There are flowers, the weather is not quite so cold, the rain only dominates most of the day rather than the entire day. Jaime is calmly listening to my pleas for a motorcycle. It's a normal spring. One of the things I like to do to prepare for the mood of the season is change over the music in the car.

This means that Waylon, Willie and the boys get a little less play, and the old punk rock standards peek their heads out and see their shadows. The Vandals, Screeching Weasel, and a host of strange Japanese bands ring in the spring. I can't resist a few bluegrass songs, of course, but spring is a time for fast goofy fun. Something about moving in the warmer weather, with windows down, just calls out for intense and silly music. I resisted Hi-Standard's version of California Dreamin' so everyone should be proud.

I'm ready for the nice weather, certainly. I've had a long winter, with illness and stress. Today, we walked around Green Lake and soaked up the sun. Not coincidentally, I felt better today than I have for months. I'll need reminded of this day when the rain starts up again and the quarter is weighing me down.

But for now, the Vandals remind me that people who are not nice are going to hell. And that's fun.

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Herc said...

One thing that I pretty well missed from my hardcore/punk rock experience is pop punk. You and J always had that covered, and with the exception of Less than Jake's really early stuff, I never strayed far away from "GRRRRR I'M ANGRY ABOUT POLITICAL THINGS RRROOOAAARRRRRRR!!!" etc.

Musically, I don't think I change much for the season. Sure, winter is more electronic 80's, and spring has always been a time to play XTC's Skylarking (seriously, this *is* spring music). But maybe this pop punk thing will catch on with me. I like happy fun times quite a lot! Yay for happy fun!