Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blogging Is A Pimpconstruct Viriplan

I really enjoy writing my blog. It's for me, mostly, just to gather my thoughts and express things that I have trouble getting across to a room full of toddlers. Which, if you've ever tried to communicate with toddlers, is most things.

(Ryan: I'm feeling a little nervous about my business plan, given the economic downturn. Toddler: Green!)

I don't really know who reads it, beyond my immediate friends and family who talk to me about it. I have a good number of hits, though, from random places. People find it, and read a little. That's fun, and a bonus of the project for me. The search queries, though... they concern me.

Last month I got a few for "spankings all around." In quotes, just like that. I imagine the person who found my ramblings was very disappointed. I'm going to post pictures of teenage girls being spanked, to prevent further frustration. Wait, no I'm not.

The best ever is "pimpconstruct." First of all, how did that get to my site? Did I post plans about diagrams for building a better pimp? I don't drink, so late night drunken posts are ruled right out. I'm pretty forgetful, sure, but if I had the secret to constructing pimps, I think I'd recall.

I get a lot of hits for "Viri," of course, which makes sense. Family and friends search him when they can't recall my exact address. And ryanbeggar is a stupid address, so I understand. But it is coupled with strange words. I have quite a few for "Sir Viri," as though he was knighted. There have been several for "viriplan," which troubles me. Does he have a secret pact with other toddlers to take over the world?

(They don't. I asked another toddler, and he said "Green!")

The internet is a strange and disturbing place. I think I'm going to back slowly away, and sit in the corner with a cup of tea. Perhaps I'll construct a pimp, perhaps not. I certainly won't write about it. That would screw up the Viriplan.


jeff said...

you know: "green" could be toddler code for "yes".... or perhaps a warning to other toddlers nearby that you are catching on. maybe getting viri that sword was a bad idea after all.........

Lindsey said...

Ryan! The link to your writing is on my toolbar. I like your blog a lot, because I love the way you think. Thanks for blogging for yourself, it reminds me to keep up my progress, whatever it may be, so I can be as articulate and sincere you! And you are funny - and when I read this and giggle to myself I can imagine your smile and that makes me happy, too! Good work!

WildBeggar said...

Lindsey-- thank you! it's always fun to write, and hear that people have fun reading it. link to your blog, i am always happy to read too. it'll encourage me as well... i've been getting lazy this month. cheers!

Lindsey said...

I do not have a blog. I used to, but it was more of a personal reflection space and never really developed into a public blog. I deleted it a couple months ago. I meant Progress, Articulation, and Sincerity in my daily life. Even better than in a blog :)