Friday, April 24, 2009

April 24th, 1959

My mother would have been 50 today. It's really strange when a parent dies young, because you slowly come up on the date when you are the same age. My mother and I were only 17 years apart, and that gap is closing slowly. I've been watching the Mother's Day ads, thinking of her, and us, and our family. I'm not as depressed as I would have imagined, because I am too much her son. I see the good in everything, and I see the joy in life. I can get upset about it, but then I think of all the great times we had, how involved and fun she was as a mom, and I smile. She left me with too much love to dwell on the pain.

Most of my friends still have their parents. Some have great relationships, some do not. I encourage everyone to at least be civil. You'll miss the connection, when it's gone. It was easier for me, because I did have a great mother, who loved me and my siblings deeply. She called us to tell us that frequently. Someone like that leaves a place that aches with loss. They also leave a place that is filled with love.

There is a way to see the good in situations. That is the amazing lesson I learned from Mom. I remember the joy she took in us, in her life, in little things. I can't keep from smiling hearing reference to the Andy Griffith Show, remembering her joy in watching it. We used to hate it, and tease her about it. We teased her a lot, because that kind of freedom is not easily appreciated. She was emotional and enthusiastic, and spread that to everyone who knew her. I'm not going to be embarrassed ever again about being the excited, joyful person she taught me to be. It is who I am, who she allowed me to be.

Happy 50th, Mama. You loved with all your heart, and now you've returned to the heart of Love where you belong. We were blessed to have experienced your joy for life.

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