Thursday, January 8, 2009

Apple Goes MAD!

Well, not really. But as someone who has had their itouch routinely autocorrect "woo hoo" to "wool hop," I can appreciate this. Freeze the screen at 1:05 for the great autocorrect suggestions. I think my favorite is "The aardvark admitted it was wrong."

That's big of you, aardvark.


goodstorysarah said...

i watched this while eric was sitting beside me. he had already watched the video. i kept saying...this is so stupid, what an ass...and so on. no!...i'm the ass! i didn't realize this was from the onion and eric didn't tell me. i hate you apple. AND your giant wheel!


WildBeggar said...

yeah though it does totally seem like it could be real. i love my apple stuff, granted, and the itouch is nothing short of amazingly awesome... but they are weirdos.

xmiyux said...

My favorite part was about it not breaking into the business world because they "use computers for things other than just dicking around." :lol:

WildBeggar said...

I loved that, and especially because that is all that I use my computer for. Work is the one place I DON'T have one. :)