Friday, May 29, 2009

Three Forks Park And Rock Skipping Course

We visited Three Forks Park again today. It's a great spot, seriously one of my favorite places I have ever been. It has mountains and rivers, basically, so it's perfect. It reminds me a lot of the places I love in WV, but with panoramic views of the Cascades surrounding it. We are over on that side of the county because Jaime has a clinic shift in Carnation, and without that I never would have discovered the awesome places over there. Today included skipping rocks on the river and vintage motorcycles. If most of my days included those two activities with my kids and friends, I would be happy. Herc and Sarah came along for rock throwing and general hanging out. Arkaedi even said "Sarah" a few times, which was cute. This week she has added blueberries and belly button. So, Sarah is a natural next word.

Throwing rocks in water is one of Viri's favorite pastimes, and it is quickly becoming one of Arkaedi's. She was in super cut toddler mode again today. She made for an easy evening too. She played "toddle around and giggle at myself" for a bit, then climbed up into bed and fell asleep. If every day was that easy I would sign up for a thousand more kids. Having gorgeous summer days like today would help too. Although I can't keep enough water and food on hand for them anymore. The really eat and drink a ton on these hot days. They are Seattle kids, trained to expect constant water falling from the sky, and fresh organic food every ten paces. The desolate wilderness of eastside is a challenge. I'm bringing a full portable kitchen staff next time.

We ended the day with a re-watching of Ratatouille. Viri is at the age where he is starting to enjoy it. We argued for a bit about the rats. He insists they are simply old or wet bunnies. I argued for a bit, but then I gave up. I can't win an argument with him, and I eventually realize I have been saying things like "No, the RAT is cooking, there is no bunny!" and "Even old bunnies wouldn't have long thin tails!" to a three year old.

I did get many "I love you, Papa" statements and everyone in bed by nine. So I sort of did win the day. They'll rest up to challenge me again tomorrow. I'm able to maintain official Papa status as long as I can still throw a rock further across the river than my kids. So, eight or nine more years!


jeff said...

you were skipping rocks on vintage motorcycles? that sounds harder than the water thing, even.

WildBeggar said...

i am begging j for a motorcycle. it's not working. i guess i need to make more than 9k a year to get a motorcycle... i dont see that happening.