Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pike Place Market And Fun

I took the kids down to the market today to see the street fair. It was pretty interesting, crowded but not bad. It reminded me of everything I missed about living downtown (walking the streets, people watching, lots of coffee and food) and everything I did not (homeless guys coughing on me, homeless women making comments about my whiteness, basically homeless people bothering me. Though I do miss gravely-voiced crackhead. He was great.)

We walked all around the market, saw some fun stuff, and got vegan cinnamon rolls! It was fun. I'm glad I live where I do, especially for the kids. But someday I want to live downtown again. Mostly for the food and coffee. But also for the walks around the city, and the fun feel you get on a Sunday afternoon in a big city. The city is alive, and energetic. I love the craziness, even if the homeless people frighten and bother me a little. They bother me a lot less than the drunken rednecks I grew up fearing, to be honest. I basically don' t deal well with shouting or drinking. Which explains why I stay out of bars, and hockey arenas. And Wisconsin.

The Pike Place Market is also the perfect place to see some fun people. Everyone from old hippies doing versions of magic tricks obviously thought up when stoned to red-faced tourists expecting emboldened liberals will jump out and gay marry them from behind a bush. It's fun. They see me with tattoos and kids and can't decide if I'm evil or good. I imagine most people think I'm a strange character, and few guess that I'm a stay at home dad. Or maybe they do, I don't know. I need a tattoo that says that. It'll look a little silly when I'm sixty, but I'll just tattoo on "grand" in front of dad. I'll still mostly stay at home. I'm not terribly employable.

So, when visiting Seattle, be sure to watch people and drink coffee and eat vegan treats at the Market. I'll be there walking around too, if it's one of those five days a year. Otherwise I'm staying at home.


Anonymous said...

i can't believe i missed vegan cinnamon rolls...

WildBeggar said...

I'm always up for more!