Thursday, May 7, 2009

Extreme Mellowness Advised

I am a huge fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000, and among the various episodes there are few as awesome as Riding With Death. The movie itself is a cobbled together monstrosity from two episodes of the 70s TV show "Gemini Man." I doubt that the title made any sense even in context, but "Riding With Death" is silly enough, I suppose. The movie paints a picture of the 70s as a dark horrible time, like an American bubonic plague of idiocy and horrible clothes. I understand that is fairly accurate. I only had to see a few brief years of the 70s, and I was spared. I'll take the worst episode of "Charles in Charge" over "Gemini Man," and so would you, I imagine.

I have watched this a million times. It's really easy to get into, and repeat viewings just make the various jokes better. Plus, we get the swine flu jokes in a new way now in 2009. I challenge anyone to find a more quotable episode of MST3K. Some of my favorites:

"Casey was pumping Buffalo for..."
"Pumping Buffalo?!"

"You're as elusive as Robert Denby!"

"I'm Ben Murphy!"

"Well, it's hardly worth it, but... Boo!"

"Shut up! Everybody shut up!"

"The defiant loads."

"Executive story consultant? Yes, I advise you to hire the most annoying cracker you can find, and slam together too incomprehensible stories."

"Any similarity to actual persons would be really sad."

Seriously, check this out. It will be fun. I promise.

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