Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter Hits Us... Not Nice, Winter!

The snow has made it Christmastime, as Viri points out. We had a good day today, even though I can't talk. (Perhaps especially because I can't talk, some might say...) I'm hoping my voice will return soon. I really enjoy talking.

It snowed here last night, and Viri got to go outside with Mama and see it.

The snow reminds me of being back east. I miss the snow, sometimes, although on a day like today when I don't feel well I'm glad it is a rarity around here.

Now we have a few weeks of pleasant work coming up. We're getting the house in order, preparing for the holidays. We're hoping to have a nice Christmas dinner here with friends. We may set up a Christmas tree, although we're concerned the kids may be too young yet. Viri is all for it, he wants a tree in his house.

Then Arkaedi's birthday. I don't think there'll be any big celebration, but her first birthday still warrants some notice. I can't believe that she is almost one already. As cliche as it is, the time really does fly with the little ones.

I'm going to lie back and enjoy the fact that I don't have to rush out the door in a moment.

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