Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Dinner and Assorted Fun

We had a wonderful Christmas day, with friends and children and fun. Jaime made a feast, there was food and chocolate galore... a delightful and festive day.

I understand why some people don't get into the holiday season. It's been shaped and co-opted by state and religion and corporate entity, it's mixed up and silly and sometimes depressing. But my Christmas day reminded me of why I do enjoy it, and have enjoyed it thoroughly since Jaime and I got together: it's a day off with friends and family, where we can all get together and have a good time.

This year we didn't exchange any gifts, and we didn't buy anyone anything. We just gave away a little food and invited people over to eat. We had a buffet of goodies, a noisy room of children with runny noses, and our company. Except for the runny noses, everyone enjoyed it.

We had our first experience of assembling toys for Christmas morning. I imagine I'll grow tired of it, but I really had fun with it this year. I plan on enjoying the childhood Christmas with my kids, and when they get too old Jaime and I will holiday in New York City. When the kids get too old, it's nice restaurants and room service for Christmas. Until then, I'm happy to play Santa.

Today we're gathering donations together for Boxing Day. I'm thinning my bookshelves, and we're donating a lot of strange reading and clothing to needy people in Seattle. I hope they like philosophy and science fiction. And little girl baby clothes.

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barker blog said...

such a bonny wee lass.happy b day.