Saturday, December 6, 2008

Seattle Center Fun

I dragged my ill and weak self down to the diy craft fair down at Seattle Center.

There is a Winter Train that Viri was just nuts to explore. Arkaedi was less enthusiastic, but she can't run loops around a giant train set like Viri can. She waved her hands and said "PAPA PAPA!" which is her standard behavior. The capitalization of "Winter Train" weirds me out a little too. Like it has ties to Faerie. I'm really hoping Viri chooses a simpler line of work than Winter Knight. But knowing him, I doubt it. I'm already warning him about making deals with beautiful people. Hopefully it sticks.

The problem I now face is the exertion made me more sick. Now I am lying in bed feeling awful. At least I have a few weeks off work starting next week! I need it to start... today.

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