Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Careening Towards Holiday

Much in the way an out of control car on ice moves towards a snowdrift, we are headed for the winter break. I'm recovering from illness, Jaime is sick, poor Arkaedi Sue has a diaper rash that should logically blast holes in her onesie... We need this break.

I did have a nice day today, back at work after a day coughing in bed. Busy, as any roomful of toddlers is busy, but nice. I say again that working with kids is balm for my spirit. J said today I like working with kids because they have the potential to be the good people I think everyone is. I think that works out to a slam on me. But a mind like her cynical pragmatic one would never come up with baby olympics!

Arkaedi did pretty well at the double chair. Viri kept tackling her during her futon routine, so I'm not sure who won.

She definitely gets a gold in the putting cars in papa's tea event. Three times she did it! With me trying to stop her even...

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