Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of the Year Recollections

The year is over. Pretty much. A nutty one here in Seattle for us, with moving and changes and planning of our future. 2009 will be the year of the Big Step, the beginning of our practice and our career, in essence. I'm excited and scared. Jaime is getting prepared, which is intense. I imagine if I were married to Eisenhower during the ramp up to the invasion of Europe, it would be startlingly similar to this. (Well, Jaime has nicer hair.)

This was the year of Arkaedi, in many ways. Jaime took off the winter quarter to care for her, Taviri had to adjust to the new baby. It was a tough couple of months, certainly, for everyone. Now that she's a year old, everything seems like less work. My job has gotten easy. I joke that Arkaedi was for me, that I needed her. It isn't really a joke, though. Something about her makes my life make sense. Taviri is my project for the world. I named him after someone who went out into the world and changed it, and that is his destiny. He doesn't even feel like my son, he feels like a little warrior waiting for his tribe. I'm the caretaker who hands him over to the tribe when they show up. I can see the movie version now; the actor who plays me better have a great beard.

Arkaedi, though, is for us. It just feels like she is going to be present in a way that Viri won't have the time and opportunity to be. Of course this may be totally wrong, it's just my impression of them as small children. I'm not writing his biography or anything. But you do get a sense from little ones, even children who I work with at the daycare. I'm curious, looking back after a few decades, how accurate my impressions will prove to be.

I'm excited about 2009. We have a collapsing economy, a new president. I'm starting an enormous undertaking, with my typical optimistic zeal.

Jaime and I like to play a numbers game with events like holidays and important dates. We play "which number is this?"

This is my 32rd New Year, counting the one when I was two months old. My 16th New Year with Jaime. My 4th as a father. It's funny when you put down simply like that. I have now spent half of the New Years in my entire life with Jaime.

Happy New Year 2009, everyone. Enjoy the year of the ox.

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