Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Viri's Bday

We had a nice little party here. Our first celebration in the new house, Taviri's Birthday!

Everyone stopped by and had cupcakes and wished Viri a happy 3rd. He enjoyed the attention.

Cathyjoel really outdid themselves spoiling our boy, as usual. He is well loved, certainly. I'm saving and documenting all of this so that when he grows up to rule the world he has some perspective. He has so far spent quite a long time at play with the puppet theater, repeatedly reminding me that "Puppet dinosaur comes in the door, Papa. Not the window." Will I ever learn?

The new place is starting to come together nicely. I love my little tea corner. Any place where I can have a separate shelf for tea is a winner in my book. Open shelving, if that is such a thing, is my new favorite design element.

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