Friday, November 14, 2008

Impending Move

We're very not prepared for the move. But excited.

(Not sure if you can be 'very' not something, outside of 80s films. But nevertheless!)

Arkaedi is hitting keys as I type so blame the typos on her.

I'm anxious to get to Greenwood. And out of this place, honestly. It hasn't been a very nice living experience since we moved in. And now we have some unpleasant associations because of the recent roommate craziness. I'll be glad to be in a cool place with neighbors I like and trust.

Greenwood also has Neptune Coffee, vintage Western store, and vegetarian restaurants. It makes me appreciate Seattle, honestly. I'm so much more into Seattle when I have a comfortable place to live. I hated it when I started to get frustrated with my situation, because my instinct is to run. Not a totally unreasonable instinct, but not always the best solution. When I find a situation I like, suddenly I remember: progressive town, good food, coffee, cool weather. 3D Creature with Herc and Sarah! Cathyjoel and Gabri and Tom! Seattle is a pretty great place. I like the city, I think. I just need to get settled, if I can.

PS: President-elect Obama is the same age as the karate kid, Ralph Macchio. I am old.

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