Saturday, November 1, 2008

World of Tea

I am drinking a lot of black tea lately. Something about my life in the past year has required a large amount of black tea, and much less of my traditional green. I even have been more into the western tea culture, listening to classical music and enjoying the cup on a saucer, next to a spoon (useless for me, since I still can't bear the thought of sugar in tea)

Since Seattle is attempting to cast itself as the beverage capital of the world, including the famous coffee as well as various teas, I have a great opportunity to indulge. There was even a Northwest Tea Festival recently that I was able to attend. (Taviri enjoyed the "papa tea party" with me.)

I can see myself become a mad drinker, coffee in the morning with scones, tea and biscuits in the afternoon, green tea at night in simple cups over a game of go. A great time, certainly.  When I get settled in the new room a special corner will be set up, with my low table and various cups and pots for tea. I may even get up the motivation to install the espresso maker that my Shayhk gave me, if I'm feeling brave.

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