Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Jaime Day

It's J's bday! And our anniversary. Dating, that is. Sixteen years. It sounds like a crazy number when I type it out like that. J is taking the evening to go out to the spa with her girlfriends and soak and relax. Which I imagine will be awesome.

I am always confused by the nature of time when I think of the years J and I have spent together. It seems like three or four lives strung together. This is the one with kids and money worries and serious consideration of an investment plan. I'm pretty sure the Ryan of ten years ago didn't think that way.

I'm enjoying my evening though, even with screaming children (Viri hurt himself somehow, he won't explain. Now he's pushing my chair away from the computer.) I like this stage of my life. I seriously want more kids, even, though j threatens to kick me if I get to close to her before graduation. (Now Arkaedi is screaming. Viri, "She bonked your head." I think he means 'her' but he hasn't got the hang of the pronouns yet.)

Now I hope I can get them to bed successfully with a minimum of fuss. And that j doesn't find out we ate baby carrots, newman-o's and potstickers for dinner. Happy anniversary to me!

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