Saturday, July 11, 2009

West Seattle Summer Fest! Everybody Fest!

One of the things I love about Seattle is that there are always things to do. There are things and stuff, and even junk to do. Today we went to the West Seattle Summer Fest. I don't think that is the official name, but that's generally what it was. It's a street fair, with music and food and crafts and such. Herc got a donkey load of records, which Arkaedi is probably really looking forward to pushing back against the wall, Viri got to ride a giant inflatable bouncy slide, everyone had fun.

Speaking of those giant slides, when did they become ubiquitous at every event on earth? The kids love 'em, and they are really great. But they are a parent torture; you have to say yes to them. And you usually have to pay. And it's low enough that you can't really justify saying no. At least I got nice words out of the deal. ("May! May I want to ride the giant bouncy slide please Papa? May?" "Um, yes. You may want to.")

We had a good time, and I love having the chance to get out and do this. There were multiple events this weekend, actually, including milk carton races and a U district street fair. We picked this one, because I get to use my MST3K Soultaker references aplenty. (There is a vague fest in that show.)

Oh, and check out this picture! Pretty Sue, courtesy of the Smartz family! Thanks guys!I love when I get random photos of my kids. Especially Arkaedi, who is less well documented than Viri. The curse of being the second child, and less of a ham than the first. Of course, Viri post-Arkaedi is poorly documented too. (I say, as I write the newest blog post on them...wait...)

Now, everybody fest!

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