Saturday, August 21, 2010

Return of the Blog

I'm starting the school year, and preparing myself for the insane year ahead of me. In the process of deciding what is useful work and what is wasting time, I have decided to try and continue my blog. I enjoy it, and it is a way to keep perspective and vent. I doubt I'll be updating that often, but I hope to post a weekly summary of what my life is like. I expect it will be mostly personal work about myself and my family, and very little about what I'm doing in the school. It makes sense to minimize the amount I write about the schools, and I imagine the bulk of my friends and family are more interested in me than my work, regardless.

So, the year of coffee fueled teaching begins on Monday. I am incredibly excited. I hope we can make the situation relatively painless. Well, except to my adrenals. They are totally in for a beating.

I'm ready to get moving on this great project of work and life. I'm ready to take the next step forward. I'm ready to make another cup of coffee and start going over lesson plans.

I'm planning on making the weekly posts relatively simple, honest affairs. It reveals the extent to which this blog is decompressing for me, and I apologize for that in advance. At the same time, if you are reading this you are a friend or family member and are interested in what I am doing, so hopefully this will work for everyone.


Ryan Beggar said...

Okay obviously I need practice editing on the fly. Wow.

osf said...
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cathyjoel said...

I was trying to leave a comment, but was signed in under my work case you're wondering about the random deleted comment.

So glad you're back!!!

cathyjoel said...

Photo Caption:

"Don't worry, Pretty Pretty, I'll save you. Just let me finish my snack first."

smartz said...

i've missed the barker blog!! i miss you guys more, but the blog will be sufficient for now.

barker blog said...

glad your bac,kerouac.does anyone know who "ALBY MANGLES" is.i love eric swanger's pic's.alby made a fortune... selling his pics of his travels to the discovery chanel.ON A VESPA.WHAT CHANNEL??????SO COOL.