Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cougar Mountain

We had a much needed family fun day today. We hiked around Cougar Mountain. It's awesome, and has an amazing view of Lake Sammamish. The kids walked around. (Arkaedi Sue: "Walk? Walk? Walk? Outside? Outside? Outside?" ad infinitum)

I love our family days. We haven't gotten so many lately, for various reasons. Mostly NPLEX board related. That is down to the last few weeks though, so once Jaime passes, life will get way more fun. Or funner. If you like the sound of that better.

Cougar Mountain is a place that makes me wish my dad lived here. It's totally his kind of place, a huge park, woods, views of the mountains and the lake. We could easily spend days hiking there, checking out the animals and the birds. There are pine martens and muskrats as well as cougars and bears! (Mostly pine martens and muskrats. Still...pretty great.) I was interested in the variety of birds we could see and hear. I have to get him out here so we can check it out. My dad would really enjoy my old man hobbies. My kids already think I'm crazy.

They did like the woods though. They got a little tired, hiking on the mountain paths. (Viri: "Can we go home? It's really steep.") But they had fun, and were sound asleep by the time we drove back home. We made a slight detour to South 47 Farm, and J picked a bunch of fresh herbs. I still smell basil and lavender. Which is great. In fact, here is some lavender. Just smell the screen. Mmmm.

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