Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kites Are Fun: The True Story

As all my friends and family who read this know, all I do all day is hang out with my kids. I really enjoy doing this. But even I run out of things to do after weeks and weeks of twelve hour days. I have, however, found a perfect solution: Kites!

They are fun, I have a ton of windy beach to hang out on, and the kids calmly watch the kite float up in the air. It's the perfect activity for a summer or fall day in Seattle. As long as it isn't raining. (Which, in the summer and fall, is usually the case.)

We currently own a tiny kite, a trial kite. We bought it to try out the entire concept on the kids. We learned that the kids enjoy kites, and that Arkaedi is not too keen on waiting for her brother to get bored before flying her own. We also learned that children randomly let go of kites, and Papa has to sprint to catch them. Luckily, Papa is a sprinter more than a distance runner. (And to think the gym guys made fun of me for only running two miles! Ha! The 9 minute mile still counts, even at 8 a week!)

So, my new fun activity for the kids is flying kites. That is the kind of intense, fast paced life I lead. Hold on tight, friends. It's going to be a wild one.


barker blog said...

you CAN'T keep burning the candle at both ends man.for gods sakes,GET A GRIP!!!!!!!!!!!

PETER LINN said...
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PETER LINN said...

Hi I enjoyed you post about flying the kites with the kids, I'm 60 and I love making and flying kites if you are interested visit my kite blog, kindest regards Peter Linn.

Tim Parish said...

"We also learned that children randomly let go of kites"

You bet - the younger the child, the more random! We get out once in a while with our 3 yr old. Apparently they can get very keen on the activity when a few years older - 4 to 6 or so. If you want to make a kite for kids for some extra enjoyment, try our Tiny Tots Diamond.

I spend a fair amount of time working on the websites, but when my wife is off at work (part time), my life-style reverts to something like yours :-)