Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Really, Really Hot. Seriously.

So, I worked all day taking care of children at a campus that was, literally, as hot as a thousand suns all rolled into one and placed in a Frydaddy and deep fried then shoved into a bottle of tabasco then fed to me. Absolutely literally.

It was hot. The thermometers on campus got to 103, apparently. That is hot. Normally shy Bastyr girls were wearing nothing but pasties made of ice and a few sprigs of parsley. Which was fun, sort of, until you realize that most of them are insane and would scream at you for nothing. And when you realize that it's 103, and you don't want anyone near you in the first place.

We survived today, though. I actually think we may go to the zoo tomorrow, which shows either my commitment to the kids' fun or my lack of sense. I have plenty of both. Good luck to me! And my poor kids!

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