Monday, July 27, 2009

Arkaedi And Pretty Illness

We had one of those parent nights last night, with Arkaedi Sue puking on us and keeping us awake. It happens. Thankfully Viri decided to sit this one out, and after rolling over to see what the commotion was, cuddled up to his baby doll and went to sleep. That's my good lad.

Arkaedi managed to be pretty throughout, of course. The ability to remain pretty with vomit in your hair is incredible. I salute her commitment to the prettiness.

Things like this make me glad we are in the situation we are. I stayed home from work, fixed some oatmeal with an herbal concoction that Jaime prescribed, Arkaedi is napping, and we are sailing through the morning. Being mostly a full time Papa has some huge advantages, and flexible part time work is one of these.

I hope she is okay today. I definitely get into crazy father territory with Arkaedi. I can deal with Viri, but Arkaedi inspires an insane amount of protectiveness. Oddly, I worry about her less: she just seems so solid and strong. But when there is cause for worry, however slight, I get nuts. I've been monitoring her like an ICU doctor all morning. She finally just gave up and grabbed her phone and baby doll and plopped down in my lap. I guess she figured if she was going to be under my watch all morning she may as well just sit down and make a few phone calls.

So, back to watching over my sleeping princess. Get better Arkaedi Sue.

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