Friday, June 26, 2009

Make Sure They Know You Love Them Well

Sometimes I don't update my blog because I'm just doing my normal routine, and nothing is happening. Sometimes, I'm insanely busy. This week has been insanely busy. So, I won't write anything about riding the train in Snoqualmie, or the falls, or days at Carkeek. Grandmas came to visit too, which was awesome. (Viri hasn't stopped talking about them.) Instead of these various exciting events, I will tell you about two of our best friends coming to visit.

I'm not the kind of person who has a lot of friends. I have a group of friends, and a ton of acquaintances. So, when my friends come to visit, it's a big deal. Especially these friends, who have been dear to me and Jaime both since we were kids. Well, teenagers, at least. Closer to my kids than to my current age, I could say.

We've done some standard Seattle things, like visit the market and various vegan eateries. But the greatest thing has been just sitting around, chatting, and catching up. J might argue that the greatest thing is discovering a board game in which she gets to be a medic. I still have more in common with these guys than most people I meet in Seattle, which is amazing. I still can double up laughing, which is good to know.

So, with J's graduation, nice visits, and the return of Smartz to Seattle, this has been an awesome week. I'm soon back to my boring, if rewarding, days, so I'm going to soak up this week. The rest of the year is going to be easier knowing I can still have some old school fun when I need it.

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