Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lincoln Park Geoducks: Ew

Today was a disgusting day, and I didn't even know it. We went down to Lincoln Park, and walked out onto lovely beaches at low tide. We spotted some strange squirting beasties, which we couldn't identify. Turns out, they're geoducks, pronounced "gooey ducks" and they're disgusting!

Lincoln Park is as fine a Seattle locale as you could ask for, nice beach, tall trees. It's also infested with strange and awful phallic clams who eat people. (Okay, they don't eat people. But still.)

I'm not really a fan of a lot of animals close up. I figure that since I don't eat them, they can show me the kindness of staying away from me. If they want to hang out at zoos and parks, that's okay, but stay back. I won't capture them, skin them and cook them, and they'll be off in the woods or seas living their life. Everyone is happy, and I'll be in a nice cafe with waiters bringing me plant life, preferably in the form of coffee beans roasted and brewed in water. (Screw plants; I'll kill them with my bare hands for fun.)

Luckily, I didn't know about these awful clams before the trip to the beach today. The next time we go to Lincoln Park to enjoy the loveliness, we'll come prepared. I'm not sure what that means, but it felt good to type it. Geoducks. Ew.

Lincoln Park in the summer, though. Wow. I know I say that about all of the Seattle parks. It is still very definitely a true statement though. In as much as "wow" can be true. Let's see. It's an exclamation that is relevant, then. Look, just go to the parks. They're great.


sitproperly108 said...

YES!! I'm really glad you figured it out. I pretty much always have the Gooey Duck Song stuck in my head. I wrote about it on my blog today. See!

sitproperly108 said...

That was me, Herc, by the way.

You should really open your comments to allow people to type their own name/url, etc. woo!

WildBeggar said...

i think i figured out the comment thing. now you can leave name/url

smartz said...

that picture is soo gross. i've seen many things on my late night rendezvous on auroa...but nothing compares to this.