Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dr. Jaime Awesome, ND

wake up, wake up
this night is gone
wake up

abandon abandon
even your dear self

there is an idiot
in our market place
selling a precious soul

if you doubt my word
get up this moment
and head for the market now

don’t listen to trickery
don’t listen to the witches
don’t wash blood with blood

first turn yourself upside down
empty yourself like a cup of wine
then fill to the brim with the essence

a voice is descending
from the heavens
a healer is coming

if you desire healing
let yourself fall ill
let yourself fall ill


I cannot contain my pride and joy, I am no longer able to keep silent! (Okay, I have never been able to keep silent; I'm not even silent when I'm asleep.) The official announcement has been made. Jaime, soon to be Dr. Jaime, is the 2009-2010 Bastyr teaching fellow!

I am, of course, incredibly proud of her. She has done amazing work in the past years to get this program finished, and also given birth to my two children in the process. I can't imagine caring for all of us and completing med school has been a piece of cake. In fact, I know it has been strenuous and frustrating, especially the parts involving caring for me. But she did it, she is awesome, and she is now Dr. Jaime. (Well, Dr. Barker. Or Dr. Huelse-Barker. She can't decide.)

For seventeen years I have been following Jaime around, waiting for Jaime, being in love with Jaime. Do I deserve her amazing presence? Cupcake says no. I am grateful for it, nonetheless. She is my guiding star, my light, my one noble thing. I told her seventeen years ago that whatever else happened, I have already won the game. And I still think that.

Jaime is the most amazing person I have ever met. She is a loving mother, a perfect wife, and a very underrated comedian. (Seriously. She is funny as hell.) She is now on her way to being a great doctor, and helping countless others with her wisdom and compassion.

Congratulations, Dr. Beautiful. I love you.


smartz said...

aww!! what a great post! i'm proud of jaime too!!

i'm going to miss dr. awesome and her family this summer!

Herc said...

Woo for Jaime! Cupcake says "oh hell yes!"

barker blog said...

im watching the us open,and they say of tiger woods.what an accomplishment.jaime creates life,prepares,forms and molds minds that perhaps saves countless future lives,and all i can say is GO TIGER.some day our priorites will be right.thanks to people like you.....WOW!!!!!!!!GOOD JOB JAIME.forget tiger.GOOO JAIMEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!