Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Night Train... To Normalcy

Everyone is slowly returning to their homes, and the summer visiting season is over. I'm really sad I won't get to hang out with my friends as much, and some of them I may not see for months. But, I'm excited to get into our routine, and be with my kids full time.

We've developed a nice rhythm, and I really enjoy my working with them. It's the perfect work for me, because it's hard, but real. I know them well, and I love the opportunity to have this level of engagement with them. Soon enough, they'll be too big. Before I realize it, honestly, they'll be living their lives without any input from me. Which is fantastic, of course. But it makes me cherish this time.

Visits with my friends are wonderful, and they really recharge me. They also remind me why I need recharged: to do the work I was meant to do. For the next few years, that means taking care of my wee ones.

And eating chocolate and drinking coffee. That too.

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Herc said...

The return to normalcy will be weird and a little sad. A feller could quickly grow to enjoy having his friends close by.