Friday, March 13, 2009

Cinematic Titanic: Seattle!

Jaime and I had a momentous night tonight: our first actual date in a long while. And it was a double date, high school style! Herc and Sarah came along for an evening with the Cinematic Titanic crew. It was an amazing time, a wonderful, riffable movie, Blood of the Vampire, and a great night out. I didn't take any photos, but Jaime looked absolutely stunning. Black dresses cannot be worn better than she wears them. We got to sit arm in arm, not worry about anything for a few hours, and laugh at a bad movie. Great times.

We had met the Cinematic Titanic cast the night before at a signing. They were great, real sports about the whole thing. For those who need the introduction, the crew of Cinematic Titanic are made up of a lot of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 writers and performers. They do the same thing, basically, which is make fun of, or "riff" to the bad movies. They have DVDs, but the real heart of it is the live show. I was overwhelmed by how great the atmosphere was, and how much fun it was to play along. Getting the feedback, and the improv, was a really fun element.

We're going tomorrow night, but unfortunately J can't go. We don't want to leave the kids for two nights. It won't be as good without her leaning on my arm. But then again, what is? I'm still really excited to go again. Even with my high expectations after tonight, I imagine we'll have a blast.

Herc has a fun little write up of the signing yesterday. I'll post a more detailed blog tomorrow. When I'm not distracted by a date with my wife and the joy at being near her, I'll have more energy and words for the actual event.

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