Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cinematic Titanic: Return of the Titans

Last night, the mighty Hercules and I got to see another performance of Cinematic Titanic. The movie was the awful and odd Dynamite Brothers, a 1974 blaxploitation kung fu type film. It was perfect and odd, and though I was a little bummed to be without J, Herc and I had a great time. I kept squeezing his thigh, just to keep in the spirit of the date theme from Friday. The experience was as awesome as Friday, I'm really glad I went to both nights. Tonight had a more engaged audience, and the CT crew responded well. There were a bunch of MST3K callbacks, a great spit take... A perfect night of theater, in other words.

Earlier in the day, the kids and J and I went to Pizza Pi to celebrate Pi Approximation Day. They have redone the whole place, and the menu is amazing. Any place that includes cinnamon rolls with vegan stuffed crust pizza is getting my money. All told, it was a terribly expensive weekend. But we rarely celebrate math or bad movies, so I consider it well worth it. Although I get the feeling that Jaime will use this as an argument against any money being spent ever again. I'll be trying to get an Ensure at 85 and J will protest, "You spent a hundred bucks on pizza and CInematic Titanic!" I'll counter, of course, "That was over fifty years ago! Super intelligent cyborgs didn't even rule us then, that was a different world!" But it won't work. I haven't won an argument in 17 years, I don't imagine the next fifty will be any different.

We had a really great weekend, and it really made me appreciate my situation. I love the city, with these kinds of events. I love my group of friends, who sent volumes of emails trying to find sitters for us. And of course having Herc and Sarah around to participate in the festivities makes it all the more fun. I'm really getting spoiled, with theater and vegan restaurants and the like. I also heard that the Pizza Pi people took over another vegan cafe, Wayward. Which means I will beg J for more money to have another restaurant trip over spring break! I'm not too confident of my success, but never give up!

(Until the cyborg overlords come. Then, we give up. They're mean!)

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eric said...

This past weekend was pretty much the coolest weekend ever. Now I owe it to Seattle to live here for the rest of my life.