Wednesday, March 25, 2009

After Taking Several Readings, I'm Surprised To Find My Mind Still Fairly Sound

When I lead off with a Willie Nelson quote, you know I'm in trouble. Although truthfully, I'm feeling okay. I just get overwhelmed when we're all sick for a week. Especially when I start it and Jaime ends it. The parents being sick makes for a crazy household. We walk a razor's edge at the best of time, and when illness strikes, it's like Lord of the Flies around here. With extra Piggies trucked in daily.

I'm getting back to my routine, and getting the alone time that I need to focus. I'm great for a ten hour day with the kids. I don't need a ton of down time, and I can typically have a great day with them from 7-5. Then, around five or six, I start shutting down. Even Viri has figured it out. "Mama time!" I've never been a great evening person, really. I'm good for hanging out and chatting, but not much real work. It's gotten worse, lately. Age, I suppose, or some strange reverse vampirism. Either way, I need to be behind my office door, locked in, before the sun sets.

I have my digital stack of records, and a little writing, and sleep. I'm gearing up for a great old man stage, starting at 32. This is why getting married young probably saved me. I would be deep into eccentricity without a family to ground me. Well, I am deep in eccentricity, let's be honest. Hopefully the family grounds me enough that it doesn't frighten more than amuse.

The season is starting to affect me. Even though very little has changed superficially, the feel of the air says spring. It doesn't feel any warmer, but the chill in the air doesn't have the same bite as it did a week ago. Our illnesses are behind us, hopefully, and we're ready for a nice spring. I have a lot to do this quarter, mainly preparing Viri for school. He is already an expert at his letters and numbers. Now I need to work on his social skills. Mainly, using the potty when he needs to and not calling people 'hippy' at the drop of a hat. Getting him to read and write will be easy; the hard part is getting him to live in the real world. His Papa has only the loosest grasp on the concept, I don't expect he'll have a much easier time of it.

Now, a good night's sleep and an early start on the day tomorrow. Viri and I are going out for morning muffins, then off to some parks. He's finally feeling well enough to complain about being inside all week, which is a good sign for a boy. I think this week has been the most time inside he's ever had. Most days we spend about half our day at the park, or taking walks. Starting tomorrow, we're back to that wonderful pattern.

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barker blog said...

glad to here everyone is getting better.sounds like you need an escape from the me.havent talked to ya forever.